Site Fundamentals

This site is organized in two parts: a wiring primer and our Wiring Wizard tool. You can use both parts of this web site individualy or together. We want to build your confidence using the primer so that you will stick around and use the wizard. You can use the menu at left to go directly to a page in the site.

We assume you are here because you know basically what you want: home wiring very well done. We assume if you have little or no interest in this you would have left by now, so we will not waste bandwidth convincing you to do it well. We also figure that, like us when we started, you may not know what tools and equipment are available or have a complete idea on how to go about it. This is where we want to help.

Our wiring primer starts from the center out. We will start with our concept of a residential wiring closet from where your telephone and network services are distributed from. Next we will take a look at some of the equipment used to distribute the services. Then we will look at the cables and finaly the jacks.

Our Wiring Wizard starts with gathering information about your house and the services you plan to provide. Using this information, we will help you create a shipping list of the basic tools and supplies you will need. We will show you step-by-step instructions on how to use the tools and supplies to create a wiring closet you will be proud of.

Our shameless objective at this web site is to keep you here as long as possible. To this end we have collected a lot of handy reference information and built some helpful tools. When you are finished we think you will be happy with our recommendations and be glad you stayed.

On to the primer.

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