Welcome to WiringWizard.com. This is a 'How To' site for those of you wanting to wire your home for telephone and network services with a better-than-average wiring closet. We can help you plan, put together a shopping list and get you in touch with suppliers. When you have everything you need, we will show you step-by-step how to bring it all together.

This site primarily focuses on analog telephone, ISDN and Ethernet network services. Cable television wiring is also discussed to some degree. We do not discuss other home wiring projects (home audio for example), but our tools can help you plan for many of them.

This site is built around our "Wiring Wizard" tool. Using this tool you can input information about your home and what services you want to provide. From this information we can create an itemize shopping list of the basic supplies you will need. You will also be able to generate reports, labels and individualized instructions for each jack.

There are many ways to wire your home. Wherever possible, we will recommend one method and focus there. We want to provide you with enough thorough information to get the job done without bogging you down in a well-rounded education. We will provide links to other sites that provide more of an educational focus for further research and alternatives where we can.

Let's get started.

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